Alkaline Degreasing – Etching

AloClean CP series
Standard range product

Having as its main property the generation/formation of a remarkably hydrophilic substrate, AloClean CP is an alkaline liquid cleaner-etchant, applied by spray method, prior to further treatment (chromating or chromium free passivation), leaving the surface active and clean. Proper and thorough degreasing-etching process is crucial for the appearance, adhesion and acceptance of the finished article.

Acid Degreasing – Deoxidizing

Dal CP series
Standard range product

Dal CP is an acid liquid cleaner-deoxidizer applied by spray method, ideally preparing the surface for further treatment (chromating, chromium free passivation) while providing it - exceptionally - hydrophilic characteristics. Proper and thorough degreasing-deoxidizing process is crucial for the appearance, adhesion and acceptance of the finished article.

Chromium Free Passivation for Aluminium Coils

SurfPass Ti CP
Standard range product

Titanium & special polymers based, this chromium free passivation coating guarantees optimum anticorrosion protection on aluminium /aluminum alloy coated strip and it is highly recommended for chemcoater process. SurfPass Ti CP shows absolute compatibility with polyester type coatings and delivers easily adherent substrates with high performance anticorrosion results, without primer coating.

Chromium Free Passivation for H.D. Galvanised Steel Coils

SurfPass Zr CP
Standard range product

Based on zirconium and special polymers, this new generation, environmentally friendly conversion coating is especially engineered to replace classic chromating on H.D. Galvanized Steel. SurfPass Zr CP achieves optimization of the chemcoater process to passivate galvanized strip, offering excellent anticorrosion properties.