Special Cutting Processes

Inox Surf Tap
Standard range product

Cutting paste suitable for tapping— threading processes on stainless steel. Excellent results for flow tapping process

Surf Tap (Aerosol)
Standard range product

Is a special tapping fluid designed for all cutting operations. Tapping, threading, deep drilling. Suitable for Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium alloy's & all hard metals up to 45°Rockwell.

Surf Cool ENV
Standard range product

Surf Cool env is a high performance multipurpose synthetic coolant & Lubricant for all cutting operations, on Aluminum and Magnesium alloys as well for ferrous & stainless steel. It is water based synthetic cutting fluid with special additives that offers EP, antiwear & anticorrosion properties on all metals.

Cold Forming

CF - Soap
Standard range product

The CF-Soap is a synthetic lubricant for deep cold rolling. It is viscous liquid suitable for deep cold rolling of all metals and especially for stainless steel. In Wire drawing applications fully substitutes solid stearates for at least the same results.

Pickling & Deoxidizing

Inox Deruster ENV
Standard range product

It's a liquid Deoxidizer - Corrosion protector for Stainless Steel welding surfaces, It is an acidic liquid for Deoxidizing Stainless Steel welding, simultaneously provides full Corrosion protection on the treated surfaces.

Inox Deruster
Standard range product

Gel Type Cleaner - Deoxidizer for Stainless Steel Welding surfaces.

Welding & Laser Cut

Surf LCA
Standard range product

The Surf LCA is liquid synthetic product for the complete protection of the metallic surfaces when applying cutting with Laser.

Surf AntiSpatter RB
Standard range product

Surf AntiSpatter RB has designed to prevent hot spatter from sticking to inside to robotic welding Nozzle. It contains new generation biodegradable synthetic release agents free of Silicones and flammable solvents. Can be atomized with any type of misting systems